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Jack LaLanne

¬†When it comes to physical development and fitness I’ve had so many idols and inspirations over the years that it will take eternity if I start counting them down. But I think recently, after I started Arthlete and embraced the role and responsibility to lead it there’s only one person I am looking up to […]

Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow – How To Prevent it!

Tendonitis(tendinitis) better known amongst some of you as tennis elbow, golf’s elbow, climbers elbow/shoulder. It all refers to one thing – inflammation of a certain tendon in your body. It’s a serious problem, a disease that should not be taken lightly. That’s why I’m dedicating this article to it. Led by my empirical knowledge and […]


Back Lever Tip – Lower Back Exercise

You know how I gave you a tip pertaining to your Front Lever training, so I decided it would be only fair if I give you a tip for the Back Lever as well. So here it is. It’s a really simple exercise that will hit your back and although you might be surprised your […]

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