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Rubber Bands vs Free Weights?

I wanted to make this article for quite a while! I really did and am happy I finally got onto it for I get to explain about rubberbands very often. People are curious about resistance bands because bands are still a fitness product that is unfamiliar to a lot of fitness enthusiasts(at least in my […]


Tutorial: The Muscle-Up’s False Grip Transition

Let’s talk about the false grip. Considering I have explained it in the I wouldn’t expect people to be asking about further explanation. However I often receive requests for additional explanation and tips. That’s why I took some time to photograph the muscle-up grip on the pull-up bar and will now explain again. Let me […]


15 Body Weight Abdominal Exercises For Beginners

In this article I will introduce 15 body weight abdominal exercises that you can begin your abs training with. They are strictly meant for beginners but I still use some of them nowadays. “-Okay so how do you train abs?” That was a question couple of my friends addressed at  not too long ago. What […]


The Sad Pull-Up Artist

Today I will tell you about The Sad Pull-Up Artist or the story of the . When I first started releasing my tutorials on YouTube I needed some music to go along with them in the background. So I picked some tracks I liked and used for my videos. Soon after YouTube started taking them […]


Tutorial: Learning The Ab-Wheel Roll-Out

In all honesty I hate training equipment. I really do. I hate how the fitness industry comes up with a new gadget everyday just so they can thrust their hands into our pockets. However I am not blind and every time I see something interesting I make sure to try it. If it turns out […]


Calluses And How To Handle Them

The callus, “the natural medal that you are being given as a reward for your hard work in the gym”. Or so was I told by one guy after I posted a video on YouTube on how to remove them. I used to share the same views. When I was younger I thought it’s pretty […]


Choosing A Good Dipping Belt, Chin-Up/Pull-Up Belt

Fans do often direct one particular question at me when it comes to weighted pull-ups – what belt am I using for my weighted dips, weighted chin-ups and weighted pull-ups? A lot of people are being misled thinking the only way to go with weighted pull-ups is by spending a fortune over an expensive leather […]


10 Different Push-Up Variations

With just the  and the  (and ) you can build a much more complex and deep workout routines than most people that go to regular gyms. Taken to that you will develop a very strong, well shaped and defined upper body muscles. Which will later help you progress onto harder and more challenging gymnastics moves. So in […]

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