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Tutorial: How to mount/install gymnastics rings

  Everybody nowadays has a pull-up bar but how many of your friends have rings in their homes? How many of your friends have rings in their rooms? How many of them live in a small apartment? For most of my exercising years I lived across the street from a very big gymnastics’ hall. Literally […]


Rubberbands by

  Hello everybody! Two months ago the owner of contacted me asking if I can test his rubberbands. So I was sent several bands and used them for quite a while. As most of you know I have switched from weight lifting to bodyweight training mixed with rubber bands several years ago. Ever since I […]


Home Gym Photos

Hi. Today I asked you on our Facebook page to share some photos of your home gyms and your workout equipment there. The goal behind this task is to exchange ideas with each other and see what is needed to properly exercise at home. I stopped visiting public gyms around 2 and a half years […]


Brainstorming: The Sugar Consumption in the US, 2012 Statistics

The Moving force I am bringing to your attention an infographics provided by In it they graphically illustrated the yearly consumption of sugar for 2012 and compared it all the way back to the sugar consumption in 1822.  It’s another wake up call for how the food industry is striking at us. The evil that […]


Tutorial: How to do your first chin-up & pull-up!

  If you are in a relatively good physical condition where you are not overweight and not too old you should be able to get a hold of the chin/pull-up in a very short period of time! And if you have ever done any physical sport(sports like professional gaming and chess are not counted!) you […]

Gourmet Food

  I am not sure how many of you are familiar with this type of cuisine or should I say food preparational process. I recently heard about it from my girlfriend who wants to become a gourmet chef. My response was “is that some kind of recipe”? Apparently not… The definition makes everything all that […]

2012 – my balance sheet

Hey peeps. It’s been a while I know. And I never really said what have I been up to and why I stopped posting videos and writing new articles. It’s because I had to throw in some changes in my life and I’ll explain my reasons now. I am writing this in order to summarize […]


Tutorial: Warming Up

Let’s talk about the warm up. I know it might sound cliche and obvious. It’s something you’ve been first taught in primary school and something most people already “know”. Yet the warm up process is generally neglected by most fitness enthusiasts. I remember the times when I’d hit the mass weightlifting gyms daily and the […]

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