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Jordan Jovtchev Did It Again!

At the age of 39(!) Jovtchev managed to become the first gymnast in the world to qualify to compete on 6 Olympic games! Just several days ago he managed to win his qualifications for the Summer 2012 Olympics in London! That also makes him the only gymnast who hasn’t missed competing in the Olympics for the […]

How To Approach Any Training Move/Strength Feat

Hey peeps, I am making this article to answer one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive – “I am stuck with the One Arm Chin/Pull Ups/Planche/Front Lever/Back Lever/Weighted Dips/Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups….WHAT DO I DO NOW!?” Sit tight and follow my lead. :) The most common mistake amongst most athletes is that they rush things […]

Post-Workout Milk Shake – Milk, Cocoa and Honey

“What are the benefits of using milk shakes? How do you prepare your cocoa-milk shake?” I’ve been getting these questions so many times that I decided I need to answer them before I move on with anything else. So let me make everything clear now for all of you. :) What are the benefits of […]


How To Bind A Karate/Sambo Belt For Weighted Dips/Chin-Ups

In this video I am illustrating how you can save a lot of money and space using a cheap karate/sambo or any other type of martial arts belt for weighted dips, chin-ups. There’s a very simple technique one can learn and start wrapping more than 150(!) lbs. around his waist in just half a minute! […]

Jack LaLanne

 When it comes to physical development and fitness I’ve had so many idols and inspirations over the years that it will take eternity if I start counting them down. But I think recently, after I started Arthlete and embraced the role and responsibility to lead it there’s only one person I am looking up to […]

Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow – How To Prevent it!

Tendonitis(tendinitis) better known amongst some of you as tennis elbow, golf’s elbow, climbers elbow/shoulder. It all refers to one thing – inflammation of a certain tendon in your body. It’s a serious problem, a disease that should not be taken lightly. That’s why I’m dedicating this article to it. Led by my empirical knowledge and […]


Back Lever Tip – Lower Back Exercise

You know how I gave you a tip pertaining to your Front Lever training, so I decided it would be only fair if I give you a tip for the Back Lever as well. So here it is. It’s a really simple exercise that will hit your back and although you might be surprised your […]


Muscle Up Tutorial

I’ve worked with different kinds of people in the gym – different in their race, social status, in their tempers. However one thing that united all of them was the Muscle Up. All of them showed interest in this move from the start. Obviously because it’s that widely spread on the internet, most people have […]

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