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The objectively realistic look

In this day and age it is essentially important if you are a guy to look good. Or this is the image that is being projected on all men from the movies on the big screen and in particular the action movies. Year after year I see the action movie stars becoming bigger and musclier, […]


Rubber Bands vs Free Weights?

I wanted to make this article for quite a while! I really did and am happy I finally got onto it for I get to explain about rubberbands very often. People are curious about resistance bands because bands are still a fitness product that is unfamiliar to a lot of fitness enthusiasts(at least in my […]


The Sad Pull-Up Artist

Today I will tell you about The Sad Pull-Up Artist or the story of the . When I first started releasing my tutorials on YouTube I needed some music to go along with them in the background. So I picked some tracks I liked and used for my videos. Soon after YouTube started taking them […]


Home Gym Photos

Hi. Today I asked you on our Facebook page to share some photos of your home gyms and your workout equipment there. The goal behind this task is to exchange ideas with each other and see what is needed to properly exercise at home. I stopped visiting public gyms around 2 and a half years […]

2012 – my balance sheet

Hey peeps. It’s been a while I know. And I never really said what have I been up to and why I stopped posting videos and writing new articles. It’s because I had to throw in some changes in my life and I’ll explain my reasons now. I am writing this in order to summarize […]

Jordan Jovtchev Did It Again!

At the age of 39(!) Jovtchev managed to become the first gymnast in the world to qualify to compete on 6 Olympic games! Just several days ago he managed to win his qualifications for the Summer 2012 Olympics in London! That also makes him the only gymnast who hasn’t missed competing in the Olympics for the […]

Jack LaLanne

 When it comes to physical development and fitness I’ve had so many idols and inspirations over the years that it will take eternity if I start counting them down. But I think recently, after I started Arthlete and embraced the role and responsibility to lead it there’s only one person I am looking up to […]


Now Sponsored by: Power Athletes LLC

The project got sponsored by “Power Athletes”who provided me with some free gear for my training. The important thing to be noted here is that I picked them out out of all ring manufacturing companies. I’ve been using their older ring models and I’ve always been satisfied with their equipment. A video to introduce them […]

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