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Rubber Bands vs Free Weights?

I wanted to make this article for quite a while! I really did and am happy I finally got onto it for I get to explain about rubberbands very often. People are curious about resistance bands because bands are still a fitness product that is unfamiliar to a lot of fitness enthusiasts(at least in my […]


Calluses And How To Handle Them

The callus, “the natural medal that you are being given as a reward for your hard work in the gym”. Or so was I told by one guy after I posted a video on YouTube on how to remove them. I used to share the same views. When I was younger I thought it’s pretty […]

Review: Animal Flex

  Hey fellow athletes! I am going to bring up some good news for everybody who’s been having any type of  or overall joints problems! I have had the most terrible elbow tendonitis that I can think of. I received that after prolonged ring over-training. It got so bad at one point that I couldn’t […]


Brainstorming: The Sugar Consumption in the US, 2012 Statistics

The Moving force I am bringing to your attention an infographics provided by In it they graphically illustrated the yearly consumption of sugar for 2012 and compared it all the way back to the sugar consumption in 1822.  It’s another wake up call for how the food industry is striking at us. The evil that […]

Gourmet Food

  I am not sure how many of you are familiar with this type of cuisine or should I say food preparational process. I recently heard about it from my girlfriend who wants to become a gourmet chef. My response was “is that some kind of recipe”? Apparently not… The definition makes everything all that […]

Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow – How To Prevent it!

Tendonitis(tendinitis) better known amongst some of you as tennis elbow, golf’s elbow, climbers elbow/shoulder. It all refers to one thing – inflammation of a certain tendon in your body. It’s a serious problem, a disease that should not be taken lightly. That’s why I’m dedicating this article to it. Led by my empirical knowledge and […]

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