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Nutrition 1 – Healthy Foods For Gymnasts

1. Breaking Down Nutrition. All the food that you consume consists of several key components. Balancing these will ensure you good health, enough energy in the gym and making enough progress due to quality recovery. I will firstly list them briefly and then will go in further detail with each of them: Carbohydrates(in short “carbs”) […]

Workout In The Morning

  For the past 2 years I have been working out in the morning. What I love about morning workouts is that they fulfill my whole day with energy and enthusiasm. They wake me up and give me a refreshed feeling. Also worth pointing out is that I in the morning I have all my […]

The Importance Of Rest Days

It is very often that young people in my gym would approach me and ask questions. Usually that would be teenagers around the age of 15-18. People who have recently, in a period of 2-3 years, started training. Athletes with a solid progress who have already developed a considerable amount of strength, being able to […]


Tutorial: How to mount/install gymnastics rings

  Everybody nowadays has a pull-up bar but how many of your friends have rings in their homes? How many of your friends have rings in their rooms? How many of them live in a small apartment? For most of my exercising years I lived across the street from a very big gymnastics’ hall. Literally […]


Tutorial: How to do your first chin-up & pull-up!

  If you are in a relatively good physical condition where you are not overweight and not too old you should be able to get a hold of the chin/pull-up in a very short period of time! And if you have ever done any physical sport(sports like professional gaming and chess are not counted!) you […]


Tutorial: Warming Up

Let’s talk about the warm up. I know it might sound cliche and obvious. It’s something you’ve been first taught in primary school and something most people already “know”. Yet the warm up process is generally neglected by most fitness enthusiasts. I remember the times when I’d hit the mass weightlifting gyms daily and the […]

How To Approach Any Training Move/Strength Feat

Hey peeps, I am making this article to answer one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive – “I am stuck with the One Arm Chin/Pull Ups/Planche/Front Lever/Back Lever/Weighted Dips/Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups….WHAT DO I DO NOW!?” Sit tight and follow my lead. :) The most common mistake amongst most athletes is that they rush things […]

Post-Workout Milk Shake – Milk, Cocoa and Honey

“What are the benefits of using milk shakes? How do you prepare your cocoa-milk shake?” I’ve been getting these questions so many times that I decided I need to answer them before I move on with anything else. So let me make everything clear now for all of you. :) What are the benefits of […]

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