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How To Bind A Karate/Sambo Belt For Weighted Dips/Chin-Ups

In this video I am illustrating how you can save a lot of money and space using a cheap karate/sambo or any other type of martial arts belt for weighted dips, chin-ups. There’s a very simple technique one can learn and start wrapping more than 150(!) lbs. around his waist in just half a minute! […]


Back Lever Tip – Lower Back Exercise

You know how I gave you a tip pertaining to your Front Lever training, so I decided it would be only fair if I give you a tip for the Back Lever as well. So here it is. It’s a really simple exercise that will hit your back and although you might be surprised your […]


Muscle Up Tutorial

I’ve worked with different kinds of people in the gym – different in their race, social status, in their tempers. However one thing that united all of them was the Muscle Up. All of them showed interest in this move from the start. Obviously because it’s that widely spread on the internet, most people have […]


Front Lever – Shoulder Pull Down

At the time when I was making the Front Lever Tutorial I didn’t focus enough on the importance of possessing enough shoulder strength. For it’s one of the muscle groups in my body I never trained separately. Because of all the handstand work, the benchpressing, the iron cross training, etc. , the shoulders have developed […]


Dragon Flag Tutorial

The Dragon Flag is a move that was widely spread around the world by action movie stars such as Bruce Lee and Sly Stallone. And even though movies of this genre oftenly exaggerate it, that is not the case with this exercise. Regardless of the strength that your abs might possess you’ll most certainly find […]


Pullover/Tops Pull Tutorial

I remember 10 years ago my father and grandfather would make fun of me when I was firstly trying to acquintan myself with the pull-up bar. They’d look at me suffer with the Chin-Up and smiling ironically would say “I can’t imagine you doing the Pullover”. Then to my puzzled expression they’d laugh. Nevertheless though […]


One Arm Chin-Up/Pull-Up Tutorial

The One Arm Chin-Up, oftenly abbreviated as “OAC”, is one of the moves that gets people talking once they witness you perform it. In real life I haven’t seen another person execute it, none of the all so many gymnasts that I train with. Again just like how I stated it in the front lever […]


Back Lever Tutorial

When somebody says Back Lever the first association that I do is with the word “foundation”. For that’s what the back lever is, it’s the foundation for much harder moves like the planche and the maltese cross on still rings. Moves that you see every professional gymnast perform on the Olympics. So to say the […]

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