Dragon Flag

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The dragon flag is one of Bruce Lee’s sigunature training moves and is also one of the best steps you can take towards building strong and well defined abdominals. Before you continue though, some words of caution: this is a very advanced body weight training move, be shure you have the starting strenght and fitness level before you attempt this move. Wrong execution of the move or poor conditioning may lead to injuries.

Dragon Flag


  • core strenght
  • defined abs
  • full body workout


This is an excersise with the highest degree of intensity be sure you can effordlesly execute the following moves:

  • Bent-Knee Dragon Flag
  • Lying Leg Raise
  • Hanging Leg Raise


Cramps – the full body tension is a lot, be sure you can take it before attempting.


You don’t actually need any equipment for the dragon flags. As long as you have a comfortable flat surface to lay on and a something stable to grab and hold to. However most commonly used are:


  1. Lie face up on ground or a bench
  2. Grasp to an object behind your head for support.
  3. Take a deep breath.
  4. Lift your body in a straight line.
  5. Lower your body

If you have difficulty executing the move try starting at the top and lowering your body.

Keep your head and shoulders in contact with the surface your’re on.


Video Demonstration

Dragon Flag Written Tutorial

Dragon Flag Narrated Tutorial